It’s after the Wedding and you want to change your name…

Recently I’ve had a few couples ask me this question.

Changing your name after a marriage is not a legal requirement, it’s a personal choice.

It is no hidden secret that changing names can take months. So be prepared to dedicate some time and effort.

If you are considering to take your partner’s name you can do this by going to the Registry of Birth Deaths and Marriages (BDM) and be issued with an Official Marriage Certificate. Be mindful, as this is likely to incur a fee.

The Official Marriage Certificate is not the one you signed at the Wedding (but do keep that certificate in a safe place).

You can go to the office in person or apply online here.

After that, it’s a matter of changing your name with other organisations (mobile, medicare, electricity, bank). But start with your drivers license and go from there.

So make yourself a cup of tea (or wine! what ever suits) and remember most couples have been through this process before, so good luck and all the best!



Love is Love

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As a celebrant I’ve always made it clear that my business is all about celebrating.

So to state it clearly. My celebrant service is open to all couples who celebrate love. My aim is to respect all couples’ wishes, traditions, thoughts, and opinions.

Because love is love.

Kind Regards,